Why Imaging Matters…

Imaging Matters provides specialist support, advice, products and services to the UK and International Medical Imaging market.

Improving patient access to life-saving diagnostic tools and optimising the experience for all users.

At the very heart of the Imaging Matters proposition is the desire to improve patient access to life-saving diagnostic tools and to optimise the experience for all users.  It is widely recognised that the UK needs more scanners and support to deliver the complex installations.

Imaging Matters’ core offering centres around turnkey MRI, CT and PET/CT swap out and expansion projects, with a wealth of experience, supported by strategic supply chain partners who specialise in healthcare.

Rapidly deployable buildings multiple configurations of CDHs by Imaging Matters

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Imaging Matters is ready to deploy all CDH configurations, with funding in place and locations secured.

This could include securing short-term capacity in the form of a smaller CDH, whilst longer term clinical strategies are finalised.

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